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Do you feel out of balance, and not quite yourself?

Women can be greatly affected by hormonal issues ranging from PMS symptoms, infertility, pregnancy and the time after pregnancy, to one of life’s challenging times: the run-up to, and going through the menopause. Sometimes it gets to the point of feeling totally overwhelmed. The world is full of advice, theories and remedies, but how do you know what’s right for you?

You can make some small changes to your life. Very often, when you do, your hormones respond in a favourable way.

Tracey Mason will show you how. She is an expert in supporting women with health and emotional issues and her passion is working with women supporting and guiding them through their physical and emotional journeys and helping them find balance in their lives. more>

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Tracey Mason (Dip TASK, ITEC dip)
Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist